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Kaia and the Kingdom of the Green Valley is the first game of upcoming dilogy about a girl searching for her lost mother in a fantasy world where magicians are feared, the Church is strong and violent towards magi, and the long bloody war against the overlord, who came from the mystery South full of wonders and hungry deserts, is finally over… or is it not?

Sixteen years have passed since the victory of the Kingdom of the Green Valley against overlord's minions. The southern devil was locked in a cage, a magical tower… but somehow he managed to escape and now is slowly gathering his scattered minions in order to try to conquer the stubborn kingdom once again.

Kaia is 15-years-old village girl who woke up one day and realized her mother mysteriously disappeared. The only thing she left to her daughter was a letter…

- a story-based game about friendship, betrayal, family bonds and, of course, war;
- no battles, the main character of the game is a naive pacifist;
- breaking the fourth wall elements;
- the game is episodic, and it'll contain at least 5 episodes (a.k.a. chapters)

Story (and also mapping and eventing): Sayo Jin
Graphic & music: Enterbrain, Freepik (ornaments)

If you have any questions or want to report a bug, send me an email: sayojinmailbox@gmail.com
The game also has its own twitter page - @Sayo_Jin

Keep in mind that the game isn't suited for people with a nervous disposition and cointains horror elements such as brutal deaths.


Chapter 1. Witch's Daughter.rar 83 MB


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That was a rather weird experience.

Nice start of a story, but the amount of grammatical errors made it almost a pain to read, the English made almost no sense in some areas and made me double check what I just read. Finding what to interact with was also a pain with the grain part.

On the other side, it's a shame it was so short, the story is quite compelling, so you've got a plus there.

My comments may be a bit harsh, but this is the best feedback I could give.

It's fine. An honest opinion is the best kind of opinion.
But still... English isn't my native language, so I would like to see one-two examples of mentioned grammatical (and logical?) mistakes. In order to fix them in the next update.

Thank you for your feedback!:)

Well, it's a lot easier to just go over your dialogues, and give the versions that make more sense, as some left me frowning a bit. Tho that might take a bit of time to do, as I don't exactly like half-assing things.