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That was a rather weird experience.

Nice start of a story, but the amount of grammatical errors made it almost a pain to read, the English made almost no sense in some areas and made me double check what I just read. Finding what to interact with was also a pain with the grain part.

On the other side, it's a shame it was so short, the story is quite compelling, so you've got a plus there.

My comments may be a bit harsh, but this is the best feedback I could give.

It's fine. An honest opinion is the best kind of opinion.
But still... English isn't my native language, so I would like to see one-two examples of mentioned grammatical (and logical?) mistakes. In order to fix them in the next update.

Thank you for your feedback!:)

Well, it's a lot easier to just go over your dialogues, and give the versions that make more sense, as some left me frowning a bit. Tho that might take a bit of time to do, as I don't exactly like half-assing things.